American Audio Theater depends on the generous funding from Corporate Sponsors, Foundations and Grants and gifts from individuals. From day to day operations of the organization to special programs - we couldn't do anything without the charitable giving from our supporters.

From our classic literature adaptations to stories from the Holy Bible - Including the story of the Creation - Noah's Ark and the Great Flood - Moses and the Exodus from Egypt. We are producing family friendly content that stimulates the mind and fires the imagination.

Every dollar of your generous tax deductible giving allows us to continue our mission.





With your support we can:

  • Continue our mission of recording and preserving significant works of literature in fully dramatized audio recordings (Audio Theater), to make these recordings accessible to the widest possible audience, and to expand the use of Audio Theater as a teaching tool.

  • Continue to produce high quality Audio Theater adaptations of Classic American Literature and distribute these productions - free of charge - to libraries and schools across the nation for teachers to use in the classroom as a supplement to their curriculum.

  • Continue to produce additional volumes of our children’s Bible series In The Beginning and to distribute these productions - at no charge - to churches for use in children’s ministries and Sunday School classes.

  • Further our mission of building educational programs. Combining the power of professional Audio Theatre with the best features of digital technology to create arts-based educational tools that captivate students' attention while they learn.

  • Develop additional Audio Theater series that can further our mission and goals of continuing to provide educational tools that educators can use in the classroom to captivate the attention of the student with a truly immersive experience that stimulates the imagination.

American Audio Theater - A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization

American Audio Theater is A 501(C)(3) NOT-FOR-PROFIT ORGANIZATION